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Rock Country - Gray Sky Music
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Happy Rock - Gray Sky Music
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Straight Pop - Gray Sky Music
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Easy Pop - Gray Sky Music
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Happy Fun - Gray Sky Music
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*To listen to all of our Jingle Express jingles, please view this website on your desk top computer

Fun Pop - Gray Sky Music
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We can send you the finished product in just

ONE business day!


Order your jingle, make a payment arrangement, then your master jingle can be emailed to you the next day!



It is a very simple process

John Foreman

Old Hickory BBQ


“Gray Sky Music has helped Old Hickory grow even bigger because of the original music image they produced for us. Our name is EVERYWHERE and when folks think about great tasting BBQ they think of us first!!”

Kitch & Schreiber

Ad Agency


We know that setting a message to music can increase recall... With Matt Gray and the crew from Gray Sky Music, we know that we can present an idea, and Matt’s team will bring that idea to life... that will sound great, make our clients proud and produce results in the marketplace.”

Sonya Dixon


“Gray Sky Music has helped us not only create a jingle that fits us perfectly, they helped us brand a local utility with a unique and original music score.”

Jack A. Thomas

CEO-Bowling Green Community and Technical College District


“Efficiency accompanied by courtesy is a rare combination in today’s business world. The courtesy extended to my staff during the planning sessions was impressive. They listened intently to what we wanted in a jingle and produced what we needed the first go around. Both Matt and Nicole provided detailed explanations and personal assistance when needed."


Jingle Express is a new division within the award-winning jingle company, Gray Sky Music. Now you can add an image branding jingle to your advertising at a fraction of the expected cost! Get your business name and slogan sung in a high-quality jingle production for only $500!   





1- Listen to the pre-produced jingles below, selecting the style and sound you like


2- Email the title of your choice, along with a signed contract, payment, or payment arrangement, the name of your business, and your slogan or tag line to


3- Pending payment arrangement, your master jingle will be emailed to you by the next day.


That’s it! Your very own jingle delivered to your inbox that will fit most every budget!

Matt Gray, producer at Gray Sky Music

What different radio cuts will I get with my jingle? 

               The standard 30-second jingle will come with 4 different versions for you to use:


                1- The full jingle; singing at the beginning, and singing at the end

                2- The sing out; only singing at the end

                3- The sing in; only singing at the beginning

                4- The music only; the instrumental music only, no singing.

Are there additional fees?

                  *If you want a different vocalist than what you hear on the demo, add $150.

                  *If you want a 60-Second version, add $350

                  *If you want to add lyrics to your jingle to make it a full sing 30 second jingle, add $400

Each jingle is budget priced at $500; you are buying the ‘USE’ of the jingle with your business name and slogan sung over music that belongs to Gray Sky Music. We have the right to use the same music for other businesses in other markets. If you want to buy exclusive rights to the music and do not want anyone else to use that same music for eternity, the price is $2000.00 OR you may choose to enter into contract with Gray Sky Music to have a jingle custom-produced by our original custom department.

Getting your master jingle in one business day depends on your payment arrangement; if you pay up front with a credit card (over the phone), you’ll get the master the next day. If you opt to be invoiced to mail a check, the jingle cannot be delivered until payment received. If you choose to make your jingle a 60-second jingle, or if you choose a different vocalist than the one on the demo, your jingle will be delivered in 7-10 business days.


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